Our Story

Phil met Miranda in 1988 at a remote kibbutz up in the Golan Heights in northern Israel. He was a soldier (who had left Tulsa to join the IDF) and she was a British backpacker escaping Margaret Thatcher’s ill-conceived poll tax. She was supposed to be a one night stand, but he had a fridge and she didn’t, so she was still there when he next came back on leave. Also, she’d had two other boyfriends called Phil & three was her lucky number.

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They moved to Jerusalem where they opened the first internet bar & had enormous fun doing so. They had two sons but in 2002 realized that they needed a change & that it would be good for their kids to be nearer family. So they moved to Tulsa and opened a very Israeli style coffee shop-bar-restaurant and had another son because the number three was a good one. But that wasn’t enough for them. They wanted a place with Israeli food, so they opened Laffa in 2012.

And here we are today: the third restaurant! Loving all that Tulsa has to offer (a hell of a lot!) & thoroughly enjoying contributing to the vibrant Tulsa restaurant scene. Tulsa, Tel Aviv… they have more in common than you know!

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A Message From the Chef

“I take influence and inspiration from the streets & restaurant culture of Israel that I was lucky enough to live with for 15 years and continue to be lucky enough to keep visiting. My exposure to this cuisine was during my formative years & I am forever grateful to Israel for molding me into the chef I am today. The Israeli food scene is always evolving, as should a chef. Can’t wait to see what Israel & I will be up to in a few years!”

“If you miss Israel or always wanted to visit, we can give you a “taste” More than a nod, Laffa is a head bang to Israeli cuisine.”

Uri Scheft, owner of Breads Bakery in New York and Lehamim in Tel Aviv, and the author of Breaking Breads: A New World of Israeli Baking: “It’s in constant movement, still developing. And there are so many different cultures in a very small land.”





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